Dr. Robert Poston

Dr. Bob PostonBoard Member, Dr.  Bob Poston, Psychologist, Retired U.S. Army Major served 2 combat tours to Vietnam where he was awarded 2 Bronze Stars for Heroism and the Purple Heart. He served for over 20 years active duty and then served for 10 more years on Special Projects for the Pentagon where he was sent behind the Iron Curtain to collect valuable intelligence for the military’s missions.

His most recent experience includes 6 years as chair of the Georgia Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery project, Priority to Veterans, and 5 years Mental Health Specialist for the State of GA where he facilitated setting up veteran’s courts and drug courts. He also attended PTSD Peer Training by the VA in treating Veterans with Vet-to-Vet counseling. He has a Master's in Human Relations, a Ph.D. in Counseling, and 10 years in practice exclusively with Veterans. He is a NAMI-trained facilitator and Peer Counselor. He also manages the Phoenix Project, a court Mandated Anger Management and Family Violence Program for the Cherokee Circuit.

He is currently the President of Vet-to-Vet, the North Georgia Chapter of the Birdwell Foundations Suicide Prevention Task Force that includes over 500 dues-paying members.