Accelerated Design Inc

We are in awe of the dedication of the people behind Operation Not Forgotten. They are genuinely "Changing the Way People are Helped." Our work with the systems that support their efforts has been a great honor.

We have supported this social improvement system of programs because we believe in their methods of direct feedback to those who are helping those individuals. Our belief is so strong that we have given our time and technical knowledge freely for the past 15 plus years.  Operation Not Forgotten is just one of their social programs. All of the Life Renewed programs provide feedback with the personal assessment software and personal attention with their accredited life coach methodology. These two dominant parts of their social systems allow them to measure the actual changes in mental reasoning, social interaction, and spiritual health received. The feedback for the recipient of the services will enable them to improve results continuously.

If your company needs to move toward a fully automated in-office system, we can help by automating the bottlenecks first, then bringing the rest of your office policies and procedures into a complete system. Just think of your greatest in-office challenge. Give us a call. You would be amazed at how inexpensive it is to implement and how your cash flow will improve by just streamlining that one bottleneck. We offer free consultations (not only one) to determine what can be improved and how much we would charge for the change recommended.