Vet Life Community Testimonies

Members of a community standing together.


Vet Life Community /  Operation Not Forgotten is a program of Life Renewed International, a tax deductible, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


What is a Vet Life Community?

Vet Life Community is a network of local weekly support meetings - the buddy system, veterans helping veterans face to face - offering tools to help them as they transition back into life outside the military.  Meetings are free to all participating veterans and their loved ones.

A True Community

An important aspect of a Vet Life Community is the renewed sense of camaraderie that veterans felt when they were in the military.  Vet Life Community is a place where veterans can meet other veterans and form new relationships with people who really understand; people who have "been there".

David / Volunteer

This nonprofit is one of the best that can in my opinion that reaches into the emotional and physical lives of not only the veterans, but to their families as well. I have seen firsthand the difference it is making in those that take part week after week. Their outlook and ability to talk about their fear, sorrow, grief and guilt has given them a freedom to slowly move forward.

Week after week men (our group now) return and most weeks we have added a new veteran.
I know other nonprofits serve the veterans but this one (the only one I'm involved with) is outstanding.

David / Volunteer

Chris / Board Member

LRI, inc. has more recently been providing the basis for their Operation Not Forgotten ministry. I was involved with Life Renewed International much earlier when they were fostering a very successful welfare to work ministry. They had asked me to come in to determine what help my company could give their assessment software being used in the facility. Their existing programs and the value they placed on measuring their programs was impressive. They provided a thorough set of approved life assessments, within a software system. Within 10 minutes of stepping into this ministry project, I realized the power of their measurement system and what this would mean for any social program. I also realized the care and complete understanding of human nature and human healing that existed within the comprehensive social programs they developed evidenced in their materials and training. I have stayed with this non-profit in an advisory position now for 16 years. I will continue to support them as I believe that this is a grand future for all social systems if adopted.

Chris / Board Member

Christopher C.2 / Client

I cannot say enough about this organization on how they have helped me and just being able to talk and work things out with fellow veterans and the like. They are top notch and wish more organizations were like this one where there is no shame and all is kept with each other and not shared with anyone outside the meetings.

Christopher Collins
USAF 6915th ESS 1983-1987.

Christopher C.2 / Client

Phyllis S.1 / General Member of the Public

Thank you for your dedicated work with this organization. Your program is helping to save the lives of men, women and their families. Thank God you designed this program for Veterans and their families. To my knowledge, It is like no other and our prayers go up daily for you and your organization. We pray it will only be a short time before people in need will only need to travel a short distance to one of your communities. All of God’s Blessings!

Phyllis Slaght
Assistant Director
CCRW Vet. Celebration

Phyllis Slaght, Assistant director, CCRW Vet. Celebration

bulldog57 / Volunteer

I've been retired for 12 years and volunteered in a number of organizations. This organization has an outstanding training and preparation program with a mission that is well-conceived and designed. Our area has a history of producing dedicated men and women that have served in our armed services with pride. Although I'm a newly trained volunteer I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to serve returning-veterans with getting re-established in civilian life. Many of our veterans need a friend and someone who has life experiences to help give them support when they need it most. I'm proud to be a Life Coach.

Volunteer Testimony

CadetF2 / Board Member

ONF is unique among veteran support programs in that it creates and supports veteran peer to peer counseling at the community level where it is needed. ONF is designed to assist veterans of all eras and ages and is expanding to include female veterans shortly. By supporting veterans on a local level and in rural areas it is providing support that you will not find in the VA support programs or other larger organizations such as WWP. The greatest need for veteran support is not in the large cities but rather in the mid-size and smaller towns in rural American that have been either neglected or forgotten by many programs. ONF has a robust set of program guides and assessment tools that provide confidential feedback between the life coach and the veteran. I am not aware of any other program that exists today for veterans that has the depth of tools to help our nations veterans.


Board Member Testimony

Freemen / Client

I apologize ahead of time for any misspellings or add a word phrases. I am using voice writing system because of some of my nerve damage issues working on keyboards can hardly.
I learned of a veteran gathering from the Emory veterans program. VSO Show me a flyer of the Operation Not Forgotten group class every Thursday located in Dallas, Ga, where I reside at now for the last five years since being medical discharge from the Marine Corps. being there allows me to build up my veterans network; so many of us need help but we don't know where to start. even though I can't do much I still try to help other veterans, even though I'm still trying to fight my battles on my side. I know I can't do it alone again but together we can help. also the elder Vets always I look for guidance from them. I might be Young in my group, many times am humbled when I'm told that apparently I provide something too. I know Its really good learning for me. I also hope that this helps other veterans not just me for when I healing, So does the others veterans that come to the class as well.



client testimony

John A G. / Volunteer

As a volunteer I was excited to help fellow veterans. Little did I know that the weekly meeting we hold would help me deal with my own ptsd issues. I would recommend this program to any veteran who is having problems of any kind. Plus, the comradery is an extra added bonus.




John A.G, Vet Life Community Volunteer

George / Client

Steve Schiffman made a presentation to my Rotary Club. I was interested as a retired pastor in becoming a life coach.

A Vet myself, never in combat, know many who were, and have suffered greatly. Attend and participate in the Vet Life Community one/week and have witnessed how other vets have benefited as I have myself. I am all in with this organization.

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Dakota Bill / Volunteer

As a veteran myself, I have done a lot of volunteer work for Operation Not Forgotten, which is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping our vets assimilate back to civilian life and to help those with mental and physical issues. They provide a wide variety of services to our vets at absolutely no cost, and use a peer-on-peer model of counseling which is highly effective.

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Mary Reyer W. / Volunteer

I am a wife and mother of veterans. This group has offered a nonjudgemental place for Veterans to go. They can go and talk or just talk about talk about the last football game!! The fact this program offers help to children and includes the whole family is so exciting.


Mary Reyer W. / Volunteer