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Beta Sigma Phi

Beta Sigma Phi is primarily a social and cultural organization that incorporates service as part of its activities. The motto for Beta Sigma Phi is Life, Learning and Friendship.

Service is done locally and internationally and is a tribute to the character of the members. The cultural programs are important in Beta Sigma Phi. They are the basic element of the organization. Through these programs each member is encouraged to grow personally, while at the same time participating in the growth of her sisters. They are designed to broaden personal knowledge and understanding of self, friends, and the world.  

Why Beta Sigma Phi partnered with Vet Life Communities program:

Beta Sigma Phi has long been connected to the military and military families, both through members' husbands and our members who serve. The organization raised millions of dollars during World War II by selling war bonds, funded a support vehicle in England through our members there, and we continue to help our military and veterans, many of whom are within our Beta Sigma Phi family.

Everything these communities offer is something our organization is pleased to support. The veterans, both male and female, and their children and families, are people to whom we owe a great debt. The special youth program is also something we are very interested in, as our sisters care deeply about the well-being of our youth. We are pleased to

have a part in beginning this special program and having an ongoing connection to them as they grow and expand internationally.

Canada and England both have Beta Sigma Phi chapters; Canada is our second largest membership after the United States, so the plans to expand there are important to us.

As members of Beta Sigma Phi it is in our nature not only to give the best that is in us to ourselves and our sorority, but to give the best that is in us to our world.

Beta Sigma Phi initiated its 1,000,000th member in 1995.  Most chapters are community based, but Beta Sigma Phi has chapters on college campuses, although college is not a requirement to join. In addition, and separately, there are several on-line chapters. Notable and honorary members include: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, PAT NIXON, NANCY REAGAN, BARBARA BUSH, and ELIZABETH DOLE.

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