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Vet Life Mission

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    Vet Life Mission  

Vet Life Mission, with Operation Not Forgotten, is a program of Life Renewed International, a tax deductible, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All contributions to Vet Life Mission are tax deductible.  Once a year Operation Not Forgotten selects a well deserving local veteran from Douglas County, Georgia to be helped with basic needs such as housing, food and transportation.  The chosen veteran will attend the Douglasville Vet Life Community to receive Life Coaching and Mentoring.

What is a Vet Life Community?

Vet Life Community is a network of local weekly support meetings - the buddy system, veterans helping veterans face to face - offering tools to help them as they transition back into life outside the military.  Meetings are free to all participating veterans and their loved ones.

A True Community

An important aspect of a Vet Life Community is the renewed sense of camaraderie that veterans felt when they were in the military.  Vet Life Community is a place where veterans can meet other veterans and form new relationships with people who really understand; people who have "been there".

Local Partners

Kroger and Carpet Depot in Douglasville are partnering with Vet Life Mission and Operation Not Forgotten to provide for the needs of selected veterans.

How Did Vet Life Mission Begin ...

It was cold outside, a few days after Christmas.  Late at night Stacy went into a 24 hour convenience store in Douglasville trying to keep warm.  She had lost her job, and then lost her house …. She had called DFACS to help by keeping her child for her, and they came and took him. 

Stacy is not a drug addict or a battered woman; she is a United States Army Veteran who spent 8 years in combat defending our country - she was willing to lay down her life for our freedom.    Because she was not battered or addicted, there were no immediate resources to help her when she needed help.

The Store manager talked with her, and listened to her story then allowed her to remain in the store to keep warm.   The next day she found a job at the fast food restaurant near the store.  After that the manager called every place in town that might offer assistance, but because she wasn’t battered or addicted, nothing was available.  That afternoon as he went out to the pump to buy gas he ran into Steve Schiffman, the Director of Operation Not Forgotten, a veteran organization headquartered in Douglasville.  The manager talked with Steve about the situation with Stacy, and Steve said he had an apartment where she could stay for free.  The place needed carpet, and a little work, but otherwise, it was in perfect shape.   Alan and Steve called Carpet Depot in Douglasville, and they immediately donated the needed carpet for the apartment, and Stacy was able to move in.  Because she still has no transportation, volunteers are taking her back and forth to work.  Stacy has been given a chance to get back on her feet, and as a veteran she will use this opportunity wisely.  She will be reunited with her child, find a job that will support her and her child, and then get a new home. 

This is how Vet Life Mission was born … out of a serious need in local communities.   No person who has served in the United States Military should ever be without care and resources, especially those who have served in combat.  Sadly, the truth is that on any given evening there are upwards of 100,000 veterans in the United States who are homeless, and the rise in homelessness among female veterans is unprecedented.  We now have thousands of young women who served our country in the Military sleeping in the streets. This is unacceptable.

Operation Not Forgotten / Vet Life Mission would like to expand our program to help Douglas County meet this need. 

Operation Not Forgotten / Vet Life Mission is a program of Life Renewed International, a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization, and was created to help veterans and their families achieve a better quality of life.  Operation Not Forgotten operates through peer-support groups called Vet Life Communities.


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