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What is Vet Life Community?

Vet Life Community is a network of local weekly support meetings - the buddy system, veterans helping veterans face to face - offering the tools necessary to assess current levels of functioning and determine what, if any, help veterans may need as they transition back into life outside the military. 

Meetings are free for all participating veterans and their loved ones. 

Another important aspect of Operation Not Forgotten Vet Life Communities is the renewed sense of brotherhood/sisterhood that veterans felt when they were in the military.   Vet Life Community is a place where veterans can meet other veterans and form new friendships with people who really understand; people who have “been there”.    Community members often get together for Sunday afternoon ball games, camping, televised sports, or even just a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.  Families can come together for backyard cookouts, or barbeques,   hiking excursions, trips to the beach, or just sharing a meal … The important thing is there is someone there for veterans to reach out to; a buddy to “have our six” – a place to find support … a Vet Life Community.

Vet Life Community is designed to create a confidential, community-based meeting place to help veterans and their families.

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How Are Meetings Conducted?

Each Vet Life Community will have three support groups; one for males, one for females, and another for family members or others who play a significant role in the life of the veteran. We feel it is essential to make these groups distinct because the issues for each are different. It is important to mention our strict adherence to anonymity and confidentiality – no employment position or military rank is requested, no last names, no requirement to talk until you are ready, and discussions and topics do not leave the room.

All meetings are veteran run and maintained. We are not affiliated with any department of the government. Our organization’s mission is to provide programs  for veterans and their families that develop mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.These groups will use the Vet Life Step By Step Handbook and other materials, and each participant will be offered the opportunity to take an online Quality of Life Assessment™ and work with a life coach, both at no cost. This assessment will not only give an initial baseline for current level of functioning, but will also help to determine the appropriate course of action. The QOLA (Quality of Life Assessment™) and life coaching are optional, and self-directed by the veteran.

Why Does This Method Work?

Veterans often find themselves on their own to manage complex factors for behavioral change. Peer support and sharing experiences can link people and provide the practical, emotional, and ongoing support that is critical for genuine change. Peer support is proven to sustain long-term behavioral change. Veterans trust other veterans. The format and structure of the group means it can be easily replicated in communities across the country


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